Mini Moto Racing Club of Ireland

MMRCI is aimed at promoting Mini Moto, Pitbike and Mini GP racing in Ireland. Every year the club puts together a championship consisting of 11 rounds with events throughout the North and South.

Launch Website
  • Features:
  • Stripe payment integration with multiple payment options
  • SSL encryption
  • Auto expiration of race entry cards to display results
  • Responsive design with proportional scaling
  • Touch-enabled modal gallery for mobile devices
  • Built with consideration for retina devices
  • Intelligent content management with Craft CMS
  • SEO management module for customisation of page meta tags
MMRCI - home
The MMRCI homepage contains a fullscreen slideshow of exciting action shots, complemented by an uncluttered interface.

User Experience Design (UX)

The main goal of the MMRCI site was to organise events and encourage riders to pay for race entry online. This was achieved using a card-based layout to contain and display all relevant information.

The event cards are arranged in date order, with the upcoming event linking to the race entry payment page. When a race is over the card automatically expires, moving into the results section where it links to an external results page. This keeps everything organised, requires no maintenance and provides a great user experience.

The race entry cards separate the different payment options, pulling in data from the upcoming event. The whole process is optimised for mobile devices enabling riders to easily pay for entry while they’re at the track.

MMRCI - events
MMRCI - race entry

User Interface Design (UI)

The typeface used on the MMRCI site is the iconic Eurostile. Its striking, angular design and sharp curves make it a perfect fit for a site orientated around racing. The bold, capitalised and italicised headings help to convey speed while complementing the logo.

A cut-corner theme runs throughout, bringing harmony between the UI elements and Italic styles.

The colour scheme is built around the logo, with a subtle carbon fibre pattern used to soften the dark background.

MMRCI - mobile

Matt's very easy to communicate with. He helped us greatly improve our online profile which has in turn increased membership enquiries. He provided great support after the site was launched and I highly recommend working with him.

Chris Caldwell / Club Secretary @ MMRCI
Belfast, Northern Ireland

Matt Fulton Web Design Belfast

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