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Furious are a London based PR agency. On top of web design services I helped to refine their logo and create a new identity. Their site consists of an elegant, responsive single-page design, that has been optimised for mobile devices.

Launch Website
  • Features:
  • Refined logo and fresh identity
  • Subtle page-loading animations
  • Responsive design with proportional scaling
  • Touch-enabled testimonial slider for mobile devices
  • Touch-enabled modal gallery for mobile devices
  • Consideration for retina devices
  • Intelligent content management with Craft CMS
  • SEO management module for customisation of page meta tags
Furious PR - logo
To improve the Furious logo I corrected the capitalisation, used a condensed version of the Cocon typeface, adjusted the kerning, and built a new colour scheme based around the neon tittle.

User Experience Design (UX)

Based on the information gathered during the strategy phase, and from the early content model, it was clear that a single-page design would provide the best user experience. The page can be navigated by scrolling, demonstrated by the main nav, which scrolls the user to the relevant section when a link is clicked

Being a new company, brand awareness was identified as a key goal. This heavily influenced the design of the first content area, which fills the entire screen of the device that's being used. The logo, navigation and social media links are subtly animated in, creating an app-like feel while emphasising the newly designed logo.

With a base in central London it was determined that the site would receive a high volume of mobile traffic. Taking a mobile-first approach to the UX helped ensure that all sections, including the Testimonials and Credits are touch enabled and optimised for mobile devices.

Furious PR - home

User Interface Design (UI)

A key goal when designing the UI was to help establish a brand identity, setting a standard for future design and promotional work with regards to typography, layout, colour and imagery.

The futuristic, minimalistic design is heavily inspired by the newly designed logo, with the use of white space putting particular emphasis on the content. A web version of the Cocon typeface is used for all headings, complimented by PT Sans for a contemporary feel.

Circular tinted gallery images reflect the neon tittle in the logo, while creating harmony among the press clippings which are of varying quality and colours.

The purple frame and neon accents help to section the page, indicating key content areas. Neon is also used to highlight interactive elements such as page links, testimonial navigation and gallery thumbnails.

Furious PR - mobile

Matt is an absolute pleasure to work with. He really listens to what you want from the outset and builds your vision in a beautiful way. He is extremely reliable and I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to build a great website. The end results exceeded my expectations and this has allowed me to promote my business with confidence in the digital space. Thank you!

Kat Levy / Founder @ Furious PR
London, UK

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