Bar / Restaurant

Bootleggers is a laid-back bar and restaurant in Belfast city centre. The site takes inspiration from the prohibition and American diner theme present throughout the establishment, while complementing the modern retro-chic branding.

Launch Website
  • Features:
  • Subtle page-loading animations
  • Customisable menu designed with a baseline typographic grid
  • Responsive design with proportional scaling
  • Built with consideration for retina devices
  • Intelligent content management with ExpressionEngine CMS

User Experience Design (UX)

The main goal of the Bootleggers site was to create a digitised version of the food and drinks menu, while taking into account the high volume of traffic from mobile devices.

Most of the content on the site can be found on the homepage, which makes use of scrolling navigation for quick access to the menu and contact details.

Each menu is divided into three columns, with a cascading grid layout that breaks down for smaller screens. Food and drink tabs separate each, allowing for immediate transition, aiding usability. All items can be updated, with the layout shifting and adapting to accommodate new sections.

Bootleggers - home

Menu UI Design

The sites typeface choices were dictated by the menu design; typography is of huge importance when designing a menu.

The heading styles and colour scheme are inspired by the print menu, creating harmony between print and digital. The body styles have been updated for legibility, with capitalisation and colour helping distinguish between items.

A baseline grid exists vertically aligning the content in each column, aiding in legibility and navigation.

Bootleggers - news
Bootleggers - mobile

Matt operates in a highly professional manner, and has a great understanding of how to create a tailored website for your business. I've worked with him on 3 projects so far and have been extremely satisfied with the results. The sites are stylish, user-friendly, load fast and are effortless to update. I highly recommend Matt to any business that's starting out or looking to modernise.

Darren Wolsey / Chef & Owner @ Bootleggers
Belfast, Northern Ireland

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