Too many businesses spend thousands on websites that look nice, only to discover months later that their goals aren't being met and their business hasn't grown as expected.

My web design and development process is designed to identify the fundamental goals behind your project, and deliver a bespoke solution that helps your business grow and succeed.

The process I adopt to take projects from conception to completion varies slightly depending on the project requirements, budget and timeframe. However the fundamentals are the same; each stage builds on the next and always begins with a solid strategy.

Responsive web design

I embed mobile-first thinking into my UX design process to ensure the best possible experience across all screen resolutions.

I only create responsive websites and use relative units for all measurements. This means page elements can be scaled proportionally easily, resulting in a refined, usable interface across all devices.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Valuable page content and user engagement are the most important factors when it comes to SEO. If a business goal is to rank higher, or for a specific term, it needs to be built into the strategy right from the outset.

From a development perspective I adhere to strict standards when building each page, ensuring a hierarchy of content that can be indexed easily by search engines.

I also include an SEO management module on all of my content managed sites. This enables you to customise how each page appears in search results, and how a link is displayed on social media.

Web hosting & email configuration

I host all of my sites for a flat yearly fee. I use a tailored hosting environment and a content delivery network (CDN) meaning your site will load very fast worldwide. All hosted files and databases are backed up daily.

When setting up email addresses for my clients I only use the best providers (Google, Outlook and Zoho), meaning a familiar webmail interface, easy setup and maintenance, and no downtime or problems.

Available for select projects

Feel free to drop me an email to see if I'm a good fit for your project.
Please include your goals, budget and timeline.