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Let me rephrase this question - how much are you willing to invest on a website that will help your business grow? A strategically designed website can bring huge value to you business and should be seen as an investment, not an expense.

A new website is an opportunity to -

  • Stop and think about the direction of your business and your goals for growth.
  • Study your competitors - revealing their strengths and weaknesses - to outrank and outperform them.
  • Engage your customers and clients to better sell your products and services.
  • Create brand awareness to help establish or evolve your businesses identity.
  • Branch into new markets by targeting different demographics and search terms.
  • Reduce the need to spend money on marketing and advertising.

Like any other commodity the quality and cost of a website varies greatly.

Putting features and functionality aside, cheaper websites cost less because they take less time to create. They neglect the strategy and user experience phases of the design process, and are often built around templates and themes to save development time. The design choices are based on aesthetics, with the sole purpose of establishing a web presence. These websites will not get results.

A website that helps a business grow and achieve it’s full potential costs more money because it requires more time and expertise. The most successful websites are throughly researched, designed around a specific set of goals, and provide a great user experience through a well crafted interface.

So how much are we talking?

My projects start at £1,800. Bearing in mind I only take on projects where my fees are less than the value of the work I can provide.

To provide you with an accurate quote I need to know about your business and your goals - my project enquiry form is designed to do just that. Once I know the basics we can arrange a meeting or call to talk everything through, I’ll then provide a proposal which will break all costs down.

I reply to all new project enquiries within 24hrs.

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